01 Shih-Chuan Lu, MS 07/2018, now w/ Phison Electronics (群聯電子)

- CMOS-MEMS CC-Beam Metal Resoswitches for RF Receiver and Inertial Sensor Applications

02 Chun-Pu Tsai, MS 07/2019, now pursuing his PhD in the same lab

- A Study on the Influence of Nonlinearity on Stability of Micromechanical Resoswitches

03 Wun-Ruei Du, MS 07/2019, now w/ TSMC (台灣積體電路) Mirle (盟立自動化)

- A CMOS-MEMS Mode-Localized Resonator Based on a Tuned-Mass-Damper Structure for Mass Sensing Applications

04 Jia-Ren Liu, MS 07/2019, now w/ GUC (創意電子)

- A CMOS-MEMS Temperature-Compensated Plasmonically-Enhanced Sensing Platform for IR-Based Gas Analyzer Applications

05 Yen-Yu Liao, MS 11/2019, now w/ KLA (科磊) GUC (創意電子)

- A CMOS-MEMS Folded-Beam Comb-Driven Resoswitch-Based OOK/FSK Communication Receiver

06 Cheng-En Hsu, MS 11/2020, now w/ Wiwynn (緯穎科技) Vishay (台灣通用)

- Zero-Bonding Packaging Technology for CMOS- MEMS Process Platform

07 Yun Yi, MS 07/2021, now w/ TSMC (台灣積體電路) MediaTek (聯發科技)

- Gap Narrowing for Capacitively-Transduced Micromechanical Vibro-Impact Resonators

08 Shih-Yuan Liu, MS 07/2021, now w/ SensorTek (昇佳電子)

- Contour-Plot Methodology for MEMS Inertial Sensor Design Optimization

09 Yu-Shu Lin, MS 08/2021, now w/ MediaTek (聯發科技)

- An Integrated Piezoelectric Cutting Force Sensor for Turning Tools

10 Hsuan-Wei Wang, MS 08/2021, now w/ TSMC (台灣積體電路)

- Quality Factor Enhancement Techniques for CMOS-MEMS Based Resonators

11 Hong-Sen Zheng, MS 09/2022, now w/ STARMEMS (星瑞半導體)

- Gap Narrowing for CMOS-MEMS Resonators via Constructive Utilization of Structural Stress

12 Dian-Yen Wu, MS 09/2022, now w/ GUC (創意電子)

- A CMOS-MEMS Resoswitch-based Wake-up Receiver

13 Pin-Chun Huang, MS 01/2023, now pursing her PhD at UC Irvine

- CMOS-MEMS Tuned-Mass-Damper (TMD) Based Mode-Localized Voltmeters

14 Yi-Hsuan Huang, MS 07/2023, now w/ Chroma (致茂電子)

- Detection Region Enhancement for CMOS-MEMS Resoswitch based Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)

15 I-Chieh Hsieh, MS 07/2023, now w/ Garmin (台灣國際航電)

- Frequency Temperature Compensation Technique for CMOS-MEMS Resonators Using Arc Beam Structures

16 Che-Yu Hsu, MS 07/2023, now w/ Nanya (南亞科技)

- Feasibility Study of Machine-Learning Based Throat-Vibration-to-Voice-Conversion Using MEMS Accelerometers

17 Ting-Jui Liou, MS 07/2023, now w/ Moher (模赫半導體)

- Reliability Improvement of Resoswitches Utilizing Electroless Nickel Plating

18 Chia-Hui Kuo, MS 07/2023, now w/ Syntec (新代科技)

- Machine Tool Dynamic Analysis for High-Speed Precision Machining

19 Bing-He Chou, MS 07/2023, now w/ Wiwynn (緯穎科技)

- Energy Consumption Prediction and Optimization for Three-Axis Machine Tool